Membership to the club is closed.

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Studio Closed

The studio is closed to BPC members: 

  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-8.30pm. Wheel classes. Studio closed from 4pm for class preparation. 
  • Tuesdays, 5.30-8.30pm. Members’ club nights. New and older members all welcome. 
  • Thursdays, 6-8.30pm. Handbuild classes. Studio closed from 4pm for class preparation.

members club night

The club runs a members’ club night on Tuesdays, 5.30-8.30pm.


If anyone needs help or has questions, there will be someone there to help.


Clay available

  • White stoneware with grog & without grog $32
  • White stoneware with grog & without grog $27
  • PW20 $37
  • Macs Mud white stoneware 20kg $62
  • Pot white $37
  • BRT $42
  • Terracotta $35
  • Raku
  • Sculptural
  • Paperclay

Please note prices are GST inclusive and are for non-members. Clay prices and stock varies depending on current availability and the prices listed are for the most popular clays.


To buy clay call into the club on a Tuesday or Thursday club day, otherwise contact one of the members listed below to arrange an alternative day/time.

Lynda: 021 803 704

Cat: 021 163 7540

Juliet: 0212711433

Colleen: 021435330

Jules: 0274166192

The Pot House

BPC members may be interested in a group show which could be themed such as an all mug show. 


There is a fee of $300 to exhibit in the space for a period of 3 weeks. This is to cover the rent and any exhibition installation costs. The Incubator takes a 15% commission on any sales for the duration of the exhibition.


If anyone is interested in a show in the Pothouse, complete the exhibition form: Exhibition Nitty Gritty | the-incubator (


For further details email the Gallery and Exhibition Coordinator, Kalou



portage Ceramics Awards 2022

help needed for Taradale pottery club

Taradale Pottery Club has been at Waiohiki Arts Village since 2008. On Monday 13 February 2023, Cyclone Gabrielle ripped through the Arts Village bringing a torrent of silt, debris and water with it.


Our awesome clubrooms were inundated with filthy water which swamped our space submerging our pottery wheels, electric kilns and key equipment. The big community woodfire kiln was also badly affected.


As the clean-up starts we are keen to rebuild our clubrooms, which is a vital part of the Waiohiki Arts Village home to several Hawkes Bay Artists as well as the Pottery Club. This will take time, effort and money. We have a little insurance but not enough to replace everything.


John Gisborne is one of the potters affected as he and his partner have been living and working at Waiohiki Arts Village for 20 years.  Not only did the flood water and silt decimate his studio, it inundated his home as well. He lives in his bus with his partner Corrine behind his studio which was flooded up to the windows.


Check out Give a little pages if you would like to help.

sylvie joly Exhibition ASP Artist in residence

My practice in the UK is mainly with functional ceramics fired in an electric kiln (i.e., in oxidation). I came to ASP keen to experiment with NZ clays and fired in reduction (gas kiln/wood-fired kiln). Most of the pots on display are a result of mixing different clays, varying the proportions but applying the same glazes. Sometimes the difference in surface is subtle and sometimes dramatic. I always leave some of the exterior unglazed to show off the fired clay colour. My time as artist in residence at Auckland Studio Potters has allowed me to experiment with new forms and make larger pieces.


Auckland Studio Potters 

off white exhibition - john parker


Masterworks Gallery


two birds exhibition


Anneke Borren has been passionate about pottery since the age of 12. In her early career she worked as an artist potter at the Delft-Blue factory in Delft and later she was to take up ceramics and glass studies at the Konstindustry Skolan in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Anneke’s work can been seen in all major museums nation-wide. It is featured in New Zealand Embassy collections around the world, as well as in countless private collections. She has shown work in the US and Canada and has exhibited in the South Pacific, Australia and Europe. Anneke’s work also features in mayoral collections in Vancouver, Taipei, Yixing (China), Washington DC and Wellington.


Anneke has collaborated with Caitlin Moloney who is an Australian born multidisciplinary artist to present the Two Birds exhibition. Caitlin is best known as a ceramics artist working with line and pattern. She arrived at Driving Creek Railway and Potteries in 2005, where she began her pottery journey.


Caitlin has decorated a selection of Anneke’s striking ceramic forms in a clay slurry tinted with intense cobalt blues, cadmium yellows and graphic black and white.


Each pot takes up to two weeks to paint, with intricate geometric motifs echoing the marks of myriad cultures.


Two Birds

Driving Creek Railway & Potteries

Coromandel Town

elementa 5 exhibition


Diane Caton and Anett Pilz are showing their ceramics at Driving Creek Railway & Potteries following the Two Birds exhibition. The five elements fire, earth, air, metal and water make up the show, Elementa5. Di and Anett have the elements fire and earth for their ceramic pieces. Both are both BPC members so do go along and support them.




This exhibition also includes works by Whitianga based artists, Peter Augustin and Verena Tagmann  (painting and printmaking) and Peter Muller (photography and jewellery). Peter Augustin’s element is air while Peter Muller’s is metal and Verena has the element water.



Elementa 5

Driving Creek Railway & Potteries

Coromandel Town